Waiting for the bus or the lecture to begin in 10 minutes? Flipit might be the app you have been waiting for! Try to get all tiles into the right color or pattern as fast as you can.

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Game modes

Classic Mode: All tiles need to be put in the same color. The wanted colors change in a consistent order. Every second counts!

Advanced Mode: Just like Classic Mode but wanted colors change randomly. The number of taps needed to get to the target color is consistent.


Pixel Mode: All tiles have to be put to the right color to form a wanted pattern called PixelCode. You can create your own PixelCodes, upload them to the Cloud and share them with your friends!


The Pixelthek contents all of your PixelCodes saved on your iPhone or the PixelCloud. You can download them from the PixelCloud and play them right away.


You want to create your own PixelCode? No problem! Get creative in the Editor! Add a nice title and it's done. Maybe you want to share it with the world by uploading to the PixelCloud?